Kilauea Bakery & Pau Hana Pizza

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Kilauea Bakery and Pau Hanna Pizza on North Shore Kauai. Tropical Danish and yummy confections, as well as fresh breads, sandwiches, homemade soups, salads, pizza's and calzones.

#1 Accelerated aging.

Prepare for days on end of missing your club or your work out if you had one. If you didn’t previously work out then just prepare to age. For the first few years you will not feel comfortable leaving your establishment for even a short period of time. The first few times you try to leave for an hour or two the energy it takes to put out the fires that start while you’re gone will convince you that it is more efficient to just keep working for the first three years. If you survive those first three years you may go to the doctor afterwards with a complaint such as anxiety and your doctor will look at you and with a straight face she will look into your blood shot thirty year old eyes and tell you your blood sugar is way up as well as your cholesterol and blood pressure. That’s when you let loose and explain to her that you couldn’t leave your restaurant for three years in a row.

She will sympathize and as you tell her about your sore back, your constipation, your aching teeth, the pressure behind your eyeballs, the fungus rotting in all your finger nails from squeezing lemons, your carpal tunnel syndrome, your cut and swollen fingers, the tension in your neck and shoulders that’s causing numbness in your hands, your premature graying and thinning hair, your sore liver from drinking after work and your tight stomach from running on too much coffee all day she will start writing you prescriptions. Then, three months later, you can add "battling addiction to prescription drugs"  to your list of problems because you can't resign from the business when it is your business.

Hint; Get a good medical plan. Get life insurance to cover your family in case you have a heart attack. As owner you probably won’t be covered by Workers Compensation or temporary disability insurance so stay healthy and don’t disable yourself by catching your arm in a mixer or cutting off any fingers on the meat slicer.

Hint #2; Be anti-nike as my friend Big Tim says. He and his wife started the Hanalei Gourmet Pub the same time we started The Kilauea Bakery. Anti-nike? “Just don’t do it!”.



2484 Keneke St.
Kilauea, HI — 96754
808 828-2020


Daily, 6am - 9pm